Getting to know us!
Find out why and how Johnson's General Store came into existence.

Johnson's General Store
Showcasing unique artisanal finds that are sourced & crafted in the midwest.

After traveling through out the beautiful midwestern communities, owner Kelly Johnson realized that the midwest has unbelievable talent just waiting to be discovered. From the incredible hand-harvested wild rice which she and her family have enjoyed for years to the chocolate shop which she has loved since she was a child, each item and place unique but unseen by the world. Once the door opened for her, she began to find even more incredible talents in the Amish community. She and her husband spent several a cold winter's day next to a wood burning stove visiting with local Amish families. Both her and her husband came away blessed by being so accepted by each of the families and honored to be able to share their talent with you, our customer. Owner, Kelly Johnson shares:

"Since the decision was first made many more doors have opened and as we move forward with this venture, more and more items will be showcased here on our site.

More than anything, we want you to find something truly wonderful. Perhaps something that reminds you of a time from years ago or something that you want to share with generations to come. Or maybe you will discover a new passion as you look through the shelves of our store. Each nook and cranny will be filled as we grow. We have truly been blown away by the remarkable craftsmanship and talent that we are finding as we meet up with folks and bring their items to you through this store.

And once you make your purchase, we will carefully wrap your item so that opening it will be like stepping back in time... a simpler time where cell phones don't ring, texts don't interrupt real conversation, and everyday stresses don't wrap you into a ball so tight that you can barely breathe.

So breathe. Just take a deep breath. And who knows, when you open that special package from us, you might just catch a whiff of the wood burning stove from a time long ago."